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EcoUrbia develops and delivers programs and learning opportunities related to urban agriculture and sustainable food systems, food advocacy, as well as waste awareness and reduction strategies, to residents of the north shore and across our region in support of human and ecosystem health.

ethical e-waste recycling

All About e-Waste! Learn the difference between ethical, and unethical recycling practices, find out who you can trust, and where to take your old computers for ethical recycling or donation. EcoUrbia is available to present this one-hour learning opportunity to your group, neighbourhood or organization.  For more information contact us. The toxins in our computers, and how our ewaste is poisoning the world's children gives us all cause for serious concern - the good news is that we can do something about it once we know how!


 rethink food+waste film series

EcoUrbia's film and speaker series launched in 2011, and will run through 2013 with a focus on the importance of our ecosystems, human health, economies and social change as it relates to urban agriculture & organics, ethical e-waste recycling, waste reduction strategies and a cradle to cradle approach as a catalyst for individual transformation and solution finding. These fillms are thought provoking, inspiring, hopeful, and includes guest panellists who will tell you about the work they are doing, and how you can get engaged and make a difference - locally!  Sponsorship opportunities are available. If you would like more information, please contact us

Our next film & speaker series will include a seed exchange, planned for late February. Stay tuned for more info/details. 


sustainability portal

EcoUrbia’s sustainability portal is the first of its kind in our region. By creating a space that allows members of the community to share ideas with a broader audience we facilitate engagement in local and regional initiatives, provide a forum for engagement and participation in civic processes, and for community champions to emerge in as we promote the actions of individuals and organizations who have achieved succcess.

  • We invite you to tell us about your local sustainability interest or program, and to share it with our network.
  • Contact us with your ideas, initiatives and inspiration, and join our network to receive updates.
  • We accept requests to publish information on local sustainability initiatives that will engage, empower & inform others.


waste recycling & reduction strategies

battery recycling

Set up a program in your home, your strata, your neighbourhood…your community...EcoUrbia can help you find ways to get involved. What's important to know, and what you can do now:

  • AZoCleantech Recycling Batteries & the Toxic Hazards of Battery Recycling
  • BC Lead-Acid Battery Collection Provincial Program
  • Call2Recycle drop off locator for battery recycling by postal code lookup
  • CBC News Report Canadians tossing bulk of batteries into landfills

e-waste recycling

Electronic waste (e-waste) is amongst the most heavily traded toxic waste in the world, routinely exported from developed to developing countries, often in violation of international law. Canadians throw out almost 3 million computers each year, with much of it being shipped to Asia or Africa where safety & environmental standards are virtually nonexistent. There are innovative ways Canadians can recycle & reuse electronics, as well as the big-ticket items we struggle with to scrap responsibly.

In BC, we have access to provincially-funded recycling programs that process "end-of-life" electronic products to the highest of environmental standards within North America, maximizing the recovery of recyclable elements such as plastic, base & precious metals, and diverting them from landfills. These programs are funded through the electronic disposal surcharges that consumers pay at the time of purchase. Visit to find your nearest drop off depot, or better yet, visit Free Geek Vancouver.

To learn more...

organic waste composting


public outreach







 "Each of us needs to find our allies and heroes and to share what we’re learning...create that ‘exuberance epidemic’." (Steffan, Turner)

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